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About the Company
Mission and Strategy

TKS is ranked as one of the Ukraine’s top five leading development companies.


 TKS Holding was established in 1998 as a diversified group of companies to render FMCG distribution and other services to the resorts of Western Ukraine. The company has been operating in the real estate sector since 2003 and currently its business model comprises three key business lines: development, construction and concrete production.
According to the valuation of the independent appraiser “Bureau Veritas Ukraine”, as of 1st January 2008 the market value of the Holding's project portfolio amounted to $ 258,0 million.

Presently the Holding’s project portfolio includes 17 real estate projects with the total area of 320,5 thousand sq. m..

Auchan (the French company with the turnover amounting to $53,7 billion in 2007) is a partner under one of the TKS Holding’s projects.

The company’s anchor tenants include Furshet (Ukrainian chain with the turnover amounting to $481 million in 2006).

TKS Holding
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